Our philosophy is simple. At AFL, our solutions are not merely about technology. It’s about YOU! It’s about YOUR WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS and how to optimize, streamline and even boost it. We treat each customer as an individual with his own unique needs, vision and constraints. We work with you the customer in achieving a more efficient, effective and seamless roll-out of your wireless telecommunications plans. In keeping with that philosophy we at AFL have harnessed our many man years of experience providing in-building network integration services and produced ATRIUM, the state-of-the-art enterprise software suite so that you will benefit from the experiences we have learnt in full turnkey integration of indoor systems globally.


AFL is committed to providing the premier in-building services enterprise software and solutions. We are proud of our position as a leading-edge service provider to our customers to help them harness the latest wireless telecommunications industry standards such as 3G/UMTS ventures, GPRS, new broadband/LMDS wireless technology, 4G/LTE upgrades, etc. As a fully independent company, AFL is able to provide unbiased solutions that bring together all the wireless telecommunications technologies, thus making your business one that is truly best of breed. With our extensive experience in delivering in-building turnkey wireless network solutions together with our value added end-to-end services, our customers turn to us as their outsource partner of choice when it comes to delivering and managing their wireless telecommunications network roll-outs. Customers relish the obvious benefit in the increased efficiency we deliver – ranging from having to deal with only a single point of contact to the more cost-effective and quicker time-to-market solutions that we provide.


  • A truly global provider of wireless network solutions
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Reliable and high quality services
  • Customized and scalable wireless telecommunications network solutions
  • Proven project efficiencies
  • Complete range of services from software applications, consultancy to end-to-end network design, deployment and management
  • Single point of contact, thus more cost effective and quicker time-to-market