Founded in 1996, AFL is a premier global in-building wireless software solutions provider and system integrator for distributed antenna systems with a track record providing extensive experience in delivering in-building wireless solutions around the world. We design and install the mobile networks that allow you to stay in touch when you’re inside at work, at play and at home.

AFL provides in-building solutions in 3 areas: Products, Services and Integration. Each area complements each other drawing on our shared experiences to provide a world class service.

Consistel Divisions


AFL has designed and implemented turnkey in-building distributed antenna coverage solutions for more than 3000 buildings world-wide.


We bring technical and strategic expertise gained from many man years of experience to the business functions that impact customer revenue through our network solutions and consultancy.


Our products are born out of our combined years of experience delivering in-building wireless network solutions, recognizing the needs that were not being provided in the market and developing innovative solutions to satisfy those needs

Foremost among AFL’s products is ATRIUM, harnessing AFL’s experience to provide a revolutionary in-building services enterprise software suite which allows end-to-end design, implementation, project management and documentation of the project on the same software platform, thus shifting much of the traditional pencil and paper work to a digitized platform for increased collaboration and efficiency, in an industry which has to-date, had a traditional bricks and mortar, predominantly blue-collar focus. ATRIUM enables our customers to integrate systems for mobile connectivity through efficient planning, designing and integration of wireless networks for profitability and growth.

By providing innovative software applications and high value-added consultancy, we create new opportunities for mobile operators, vendors and partners to boost performance, reduce costs and retain customers. Our highly experienced consultants are always on hand to help our customers harness the latest wireless telecommunications industry standards, plan strategies and use resources to achieve maximum competitiveness and efficiency. We seek to be the best of breed wireless solutions provider in the voice and data domains by leveraging on our human capital and embracing technological innovations to offer our customers unprecedented choice and value.

With headquarters in Singapore and offices in Indonesia and the Philippines clients include SingTel Mobile, MobileOne, StarHub, AIS, Globe Telecom, Excelcomindo, DTAC, TA Orange, TM Touch, Warid Telecom and many more.

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