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After 17 years of in-building mobile network experience, 4 generations of network integration and over 3,300 full turnkey distributed antenna system in-building mobile network integrations worldwide, AFL has harnessed all its experience, expertise and knowledge to develop ATRIUM – an enterprise software suite that manages every process in the in-building wireless network life-cycle, providing and monitoring real-time information on all projects.

Through accurate analysis and intelligent information processing, ATRIUM manages your in-building network projects by focusing not only on the design, deployment and maintenance but also addressing every challenge and opportunity, providing solutions and enabling communication and collaboration across organizations.


In order to meet the growing demands for mobile in-building coverage from technology and network evolution or increasing demand for in-building wireless coverage, you need to change the way you manage your entire network project cycle by seeing, thinking and acting with increased clarity. From insight to action, ATRIUM helps you close the gap between strategy and execution, optimizing performance not only for your company, but for your entire network and for your network’s users.

With ATRIUM, you will be able to:

  • Optimize project time and cost efficiency
  • Improve project planning, RF network designing and network performance
  • Increase productivity and interoperability
  • Grow your customer base more rapidly

Benefits your customer will appreciate are:

  • Improved quality of service and enhanced network reliability
  • Faster response time and better diagnostics resulting in more expeditious service restoration
  • Reduction in frequency of outages by identifying and addressing potential problems before network failure


The ATRIUM enterprise software suite consists of a set of fully integrated modules that provide automation to every process within the entire in-building wireless network project life-cycle. The modular software architecture allows each module to provide a tailored persepective and set of features for a particular category of user with security-controlled access rights.


With its unique process methodology, ATRIUM incorporates multiple functionalities and features into a single enterprise software platform.

Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Productivity and interoperability – improves workflow by providing a clear plan of actions, that increases efficiency in work
  • Maintaining extensive historical and real-time database with one-time data entry
  • Real-time visibility of information provides executives with decision support capability
  • First-class maintenance with on-going support

The user-friendly and comprehensive interfaces and menus enable first-time users and professionals alike to easily utilize ATRIUM to perform all the essential tasks of the in-building wireless network project cycle from planning, designing and managing of the wireless network rollout to maintenance, upgrade and performance prediction.

Some of the powerful design features include:

  • Multi-technology, multi-band, multi-solution & coverage prediction support
  • Full network configuration & automated network asset management
  • View digitized antenna patterns in 2D and 3D
  • Auto-generation of network schematic
  • User-friendly and comprehensive user interfaces and menus with alerts, notifications and advanced analysis capabilities
  • Facilitates network asset control, history of component transactions
  • Customised generation of essential documentation, data and reports (like ‘Link Budget’, ‘Bill-of Quantity’, ‘Schematic’ & ‘Cable Routing’) to suit your particular needs

Contact us today to explore the power of ATRIUM to transform your business!

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