AFL helps customers meet their business goals by providing a comprehensive range of consulting services across the network lifecycle of in-building wireless distributed antenna systems (DAS). From bid preparation to network design to network optimization to network management, our expert consultants streamline execution and help our customers get to market and build revenue faster.

At AFL, we pull together our expertise in all our individual service offerings to offer you a complete and unique turnkey solution. This service can also incorporate site acquisition and construction according to your specific needs.

Operators are more and more busy in facing the issues of the rapid change of technologies, tighter competition, strict regulation, mounting pressures on time to market, multi-vendor offerings, consolidations, customer retention, etc. AFL has all the expertise in managing these issues and producing the results that help to create more revenue for the operator.

AFL has gained its premier track record in international telecommunications industries for its excellent consultancy services from business planning to the operation of wireless networks. AFL consultants are highly qualified and well recognized in the industries for their expertise in the relevant field of telecommunications. Our consultants are engaged on short, medium and long term assignments with mobile operators all over the world, providing strategic support in many areas from real time network planning and performance services through to customer relationship management. Consequently, AFL’s consultancy arm has created some of the latest breakthroughs in wireless designs.

AFL constantly reinforces its position as a leading-edge service provider through having both the engineering and the commercial skills to lead its customers smoothly through industry changes. Having supported successful mobile license bidding throughout the world, AFL is able to harness its skills on behalf of prospective 3G/UMTS, WiMax, LTE ventures. In addition, AFL is already able to offer operators, equipment suppliers and regulators a complete package to guide them through the implementation and rollout of the new broadband/LMDS and LTE wireless technologies.

Our consultants have the right expertise, qualifications and field experience to help the operators to go through the “Voice to Data” evolution smoothly. AFL can also help operators in the convergence of fixed, mobile and IP networks.

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