Armed with many years of experience in the in-building solutions (IBS) industry and the game-changing ATRIUM enterprise software solution, AFL can provide you with a comprehensive turnkey design service for your in-building wireless needs including regular reports and hosting of building, design and project data.

AFL’s in-building network design team can take your required KPIs and provide you with a design using ATRIUM consisting of the network schematics, cable routing report, link budget, coverage maps, prediction reports and all other related design documents. In addition, the comprehensive turnkey design service closely monitors implementation progress, manages inventory and provides associated reports on a regular basis.

With the comprehensive turnkey design service in operation, you can leap ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the most up-to-date methodology in designing and implementing in-building wireless solutions projects. You would also be able to appoint and work directly with the selected subcontractor as well as taking control over the procurement and management of parts. The ability to procure parts directly from the manufacturer would eliminate margin on margin costs associated with this portion of the overall cost while the distribution control of parts would eliminate losses brought about by wastage, mishandling and theft (4 to 7% of the overall cost in the current model).

To determine the suitability of AFL’s comprehensive design service to your needs, we invite you to contact us for further discussions.

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