AFL has been providing in-building mobile network distributed antenna systems (DAS) since 1996. A pioneer and leader in in-building network integration services we can offer you full turnkey solutions for all your in-building mobile network needs.

Poor service quality in locations such as high-rise buildings, airports, multi-storey car parks and shopping centers frustrates subscribers. Deploying a system to enable the provision of seamless coverage will increase customer satisfaction and minutes of use. This translates into increased revenue for your business.

Increasing coverage to enhanced revenue is not a new concept. Wireless providers are constantly looking for cost-effective ways to balance coverage and quality. An in-building solution deployed in the right location is guaranteed to provide a very attractive rate of return for your business.

Use in-building coverage to:

  • Increased network performance
  • Increased profitability

These goals can be easily achieved as an in-building solution allows you to:

  • Provide customer freedom and mobility

    Allow your subscribers to travel freely and talk anywhere on their mobile phones. This will increase:

    • Minutes of use
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Revenue
    • More and more subscribers want to use one phone everywhere.
  • Increase revenue

    Dropped and blocked calls, resulting from a macro system designed for outdoor mobile service, prevents service providers from realizing potential revenue. Higher performance means greater customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

  • Retain high-value customers

    Satisfy your high-revenue customers by increasing wireless coverage and quality, not by lowering prices. Corporate customers are becoming more important and there is a greater tendency for them to use their phones at home as well as in the office.

  • Enable the wireless office

    Virtual private networks allow inter-office flexibility and special intra-company rates, allowing the freedom to contact people throughout corporations wirelessly.

Best of Breed

AFL is be able to offer customers best-of-breed products and technology available from the wireless technology industry. We have the most channel-of-breed technologies and products in the market for customers to select from.

Our solution is a One Stop Shop for network strategy, planning, design, implementation and optimization. We have the ability to provide end-to-end, fully integrated and optimum solutions for wireless networks using the best-of-breed technologies available.

Service providers can rely on totally independent recommendations and professional advise from AFL solutions. We are unbiased on any single equipment or software vendor, so it are able to select the best-of-breed technology with more objectivity and flexibility to suit service providers’ needs. With the needs of the service providers in mind, AFL will evaluate and select the best-of-breed type of products from high technologies available.

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