Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System

AFL’s OPTIMA Series of Hybrid Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System (DAS) components is a comprehensive fiber optic voice/data platform that interfaces simply with any telecom operator’s network, and enables upgrades to future services, such as 3G, UMTS, WLAN, WiMAX without requiring any additional infrastructure.


Tried and tested, AFL has successfully deployed OPTIMA distributed antenna systems at a number of sites including mega projects in Singapore such as Marina Bay Sands and Reflections.

The wireless workplace is expanding so fast as more and more businesses are realizing the increased benefits of using wireless technologies for the enterprise. Through the widespread adoption of wireless applications, the workplace becomes a highly productive business environment in which you have seamless access to the same range of resources as in your wired office, but without the limitations of geography. The Optima Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna Systems provide converged wireless networks that guarantee business-quality performance and reliability for all data and voice wireless services.

Optima – Modular Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System for Multiple Wireless Services is a high quality, high performance in-building distribution system which extends multiple mobile voice and data services into buildings, malls, airports and parking areas. Built for a multi-operator, multi-system environment, this multi-service platform provides for in-building wireless coverage on a single cabling and antenna infrastructure.

Optima – Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System – WLAN provides highly improved control and flexibility in the deployment of wireless LAN throughout a building or enterprise. It creates a Wire It Once infrastructure that can grow to support increased data capacity needs and future services, while minimizing capital and operational costs.

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