Panetro™ is a AFL patented wireless application solution for optimizing RF coverage in enclosed moving spaces such as elevators and trains. Panetro™ helps wireless operators increase and enhance their coverage, especially in wireless blind-spot environments.

The core architecture involves antennas and repeaters that provide dedicated coverage for a specific enclosed space – with the focus to-date on lifts or elevators. The technology provides significant implementation efficiencies due to its inherent ease of installation while offering carriers an extremely compelling return on investment.

Attenuation of radio frequency (RF) waves is a common phenomenon inside a building. The attenuation is due to obstacles such as the walls, pillars, partitions, etc. in the building that obstruct the propogation of the RF waves particularly inside lift cars.

With Panetro™ from AFL you achieve:

  • Capturing roaming subscribers
  • Continuous service quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Complete turnkey design solution
  • Comprehensive maintenance program

Panetro™ Lift Coverage Enhancements:

Existing Lift Coverage Without Panetro™

Existing Lift Coverage Down
Existing Lift Coverage Up

Enhanced Lift Coverage With Panetro™

Enhanced Lift Coverage Down
Enhanced Lift Coverage Up
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